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What's in the Box?

Francisco Vieira's picture
on Fri, 10/25/2013 - 9:54pm

Don’t get me wrong, I love Drupal, but building a new site has always been a labor of love… emphasis on the labor. Sure, Drupal already provides a myriad of options for site builders like me who tend to lean a good bit more toward designer than developer. Unfortunately, most promises of drag and drop deliver something quite shy of a stable GUI experience. Not to mention local dev environments, often very powerful tools for those who truly know Drupal’s innards, have typically given me more headaches than solutions.


I had learned, over time, to simply accept this as a reality. I submitted to demands that I needed to learn, like everyone else, the quirks and exceptions so familiar to those more knowledgeable than I. That is, until I found Kalabox.


I could spend a whole series of blog posts talking about how Kalabox works but for me all I’ve been thinking about is how it actually works. I downloaded Kalabox onto my desktop, dragged it into the applications folder, ran it, selected Panopoly (one of 9 Drupal 7 distributions included) and in minutes I had a functional, easy to use, mobile ready site with an intuitive drag and drop GUI.



As if that wasn’t enough, my sites on Pantheon can be downloaded locally within the GUI, where they are neatly displayed for my convenience and utter elation. This isn’t a local dev environment, this is an all inclusive site building solution for Drupal that meets the inordinately high expectations I originally had of Drupal. I’m still exploring and testing but so far it is obvious that this is a game changer.

Kalabox is currently in private beta but if you want to try it out contact the guys at Kalamuna at


Kelly Bell's picture

As a long-time Pantheon user, Kalabox is a dream come true for me and the other Mac-based developers with whom I work. The case you make for Kalabox really hits all the high points, and makes it clear that, aside from being a totally legit, whole LEMP stack for local development, Kalabox's tight integration with Pantheon makes it pure joy to use them together.

It is my hope that in the future Kalabox will be extended to work with other operating systems, including Windows (gasp!), and I hope to see a future where Kalabox grows into the #1 goto development tool for all Drupalfolk - business users, hobbyists and career developers alike - as well as to see it expand into new and interesting territory regarding new distros, target deployment scenarios and of course whatever amazing other ideas Mike Pirog (Kalamuna) comes up with.

Thank you for writing this excellent guest article, Francisco, and most of all my heartfelt thanks go to to Mike Pirog and all the folks at Kalamuna who helped him - you've made my dreams come true. Just as Pantheon did when they created the most innovative and compelling deployment service in the Drupal world. Together, these two beauties fully rock my world.

I'm so happy to be here at BADCamp and bear witness Kalabox grow into the mature and awesome product that it is. So exciting!!!

Kelly Bell
Gotham City Drupal
Twitter: @GothamDrupal
IRC: #GothamCityDrupal
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