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Drupalista Tena Murphy gives roundup of Houston's Southwest Drupal Summit

Kelly Bell's picture
on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 8:28pm

Fellow Drupalista ( Tena Murphy, recently went to the Southwest Drupal Summit in Houston, and attended a great session on Rapid Module Development presented by Jason Smith ( Among his other great tips and tricks, he left the attendees with a couple of very useful links:

Of course, this is for module building in Drupal 6. What about Drupal 7? personally, I highly recommend the new book "Drupal 7 Module Reference" by Matt Butcher (and others), available via PACKT Publishing ( I have mine in ebook form, and it's awesome. Check out their RAW series too - I was able to read the Drupal 7 Module book while it was still being written, 6 months before it was officially published. How cool is that! A great RAW book currently available is the Drupal 7 Themes Book at

The full text of Tena's great article can be found at Thanks Tena!