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Great Podcasts from Mustardseed Media

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on Mon, 01/17/2011 - 12:52am

This is a wonderful collection of video podcasts presented by Mustardseed Media - excellent! Here's a partial list of offerings (reprinted from the URL above):

 DescriptionOriginally RecordedWatch

On this week's Drupal podcast, Bob tackles the nodequeue module. This module allows arbirary sorting of content for use in views (and other places), putting sort orders in the hands of clients and site operators, without the need for them to edit a view.  Good stuff!  August 17, 2010watch it!

On this week's episode, Bob talks about the Features module.  It's an amazing module to move full module recipes across sites and databases.  Features integrates with views, CCK, context, imagecache, and much more.  Check it out!May 26, 2010watch it!

On this episode we talk about the Views Slideshow module.  It's based on a discusson on  that asked about theming content over the slideshow image.  There's also a nice little Views trick here which avoids the use of extra Views theme files.April 20, 2010watch it!

You asked for it and here it is!  Our viewers wanted more in depth coverage of Display Suite after last week's Display Suite Basics podcast.  So this week we dive in even deeper looking at using additional fields and making blocks fields on your node layouts.  Make sure you watch the...March 19, 2010watch it!

On this episode, Bob tackles the new module Display Suite and it's associated modules.  Display Suite is a set of modules which gives extra power to your node, comment, user, and views theming while not undermining the Drupal templating system.  Download and install "DS" ...March 11, 2010watch it!

On this episode, Bob talks about Views arguments.  For a non-developer, arguments get really confusing really quickly.  By showing two examples of how to create pages and blocks using arguments, Bob hopes that someone out there isn't confused and learns a little something about the...March 5, 2010watch it!

In this episode, Bob presents a very simple but very powerful module to help you manage sections of your Drupal site.  The context module allows complex grouping and organizing of content in ways that were previously difficult to accomplish.  Dig in and enjoy!February 25, 2010watch it!

On this new episode of the Mustardseed video podcast, Bob talks about why a modular approach using Node References is the future of Drupal. He puts together CCK, Views, Node Reference URL, and Views Attach to give you an idea of how powerful this solution can be. Mustardseed On Twitter |...February 18, 2010watch it!

On this week's podcast Bob gives a quick overview of Triggers and Actions functionality in Drupal 6 core. This 'cause and effect' function allows you to automate your site a bit to make it more interactive and save you some time managing it. This podcast shows an example of how to use these to...August 13, 2009watch it!

On this podcast, Bob dives into the basics of the Organic Groups module. Some people are confused about what OG is and how it can and should be used, so he'll talk about how to set it up, enable notifications, and theme the page so it's more exciting than the standard "river of news"...July 22, 2009watch it!

On this podcast, Bob shows how to import any iCal feed of events into your Drupal site and displaying them in a Views-driven calendar on your site. (This means importing your Google or Yahoo! calendars or any other calendar system that puts out a feed in iCal format) This is tasty stuff! Want to...July 14, 2009watch it!