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It's Thursday night at DrupalCon Chicago, Code Sprint tomorrow!

Kelly Bell's picture
on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 12:39am

This DrupalCon is really awesome in many respects. One thing that's a little hard to take is some of the "slicker" aspects. For instance, I absolutely HATED the super-slick keynote feel-good slideshows - and I hated the MUSIC even more I do really like the Expo in general, because I really enjoy meeting folks who are collectively doing great stuff with Drupal. My favorite booth by far was the Workhabit booth. On Tuesday it was pretty much similar to everyone else's booth. By Wednesday morning, it looked like real work was going on there - lots of people sitting around coding and talking Drupal, with no attention to "selling" whasoever. The presence of the "Drupal in Space" weather balloon was very cool. 

Other favorites were the Pantheon, Treehouse, GVS (giving away CTR stickers and moleskines, 2 of which I filled up before I even left the conference) and Lullabot. Having the Drupal Store in with the Expo was especially nice. In fact, one of the best things about this conference was the way everthing (and almost everyONE) was together in one place. I hope this becomes a regular feature of future DrupalCons.

Tomorrow is the traditional post-conference code sprint, and I am greatly looking forward to participating, and then telling you about my experiences - so watch this space!