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Great Podcasts from Mustardseed Media

on Mon, 01/17/2011 - 12:52am

This is a wonderful collection of video podcasts presented by Mustardseed Media - excellent! Here's a partial list of offerings (reprinted from the URL above):

 DescriptionOriginally RecordedWatch

On this week's Drupal podcast, Bob tackles the nodequeue module. This module allows arbirary sorting of content for use in views (and other places), putting sort orders in the hands of clients and site operators, without the need for them to edit a view.  Good stuff!  August 17, 2010watch it!

On this week's episode, Bob talks about the Features module.
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"Build a New Feature" article from

on Mon, 01/17/2011 - 12:36am

This is an excellent post from Mustardseed Media on the entire Features process: Highly recommended. 

And, an old post by developmentseed on on context. Despite it being a little long in the tooth, it's still an awesome demo, and very informative.