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Who We Are

Clients always have a single point of contact within GCD - the freelancer who brings the project to the collective. This same person also handles all client relations, billing, payment, etc. The client belongs to THEM - GCD is NOT trying to grab freelancer's clients or in any way cripple their ability to work completely on their own - our purpose is simply to alleviate the negative aspects of working solo, and to provide clients with the very best Drupal freelance talent in the business, combined with the branding to make this talent easier to find. GCD uses an extremely rigorous 20-point (or more, as standards evolve) rubric to evaluate potential member developers. As a result, we accept fewer than 1% of all applicants, so Clients can rest assured that if a freelancer is working with Gotham City Drupal, they're truly getting the best-possible talent available.

Founding Members

Here are site examples and links for some of our senior member-developers (as well as links to code in; our GitHub repos and CTR scores). There are more of us, and I can guarantee that the quality of all work done by any us is consistently of the highest quality (we have our own internal standards as well we adhering rigorously to Drupal standards).


In addition to these great developers,  have a roster of talented and experienced graphic designers on call, all of whom have specific Drupal design experience and know how to create great user-centered designs with an underlying awareness of Drupal's architecture and themeing practices. If you have need of these resources, please let us know!

Kelly Bell 

Founder of Gotham City Drupal, Drupalista, Architect and User Experience specialist, username kbellGitHub to Rock: (launch date: June 23, 2011, with Michael Pirog) (currently implementing a redesign for them as well) (A community site, currently still in process, incorporates CiviCRM, Apache Solr search and personal dashboards) (I built both the original site and a complete redesign for them one year later; also long-term support)

Projects: Drupal Wave  contrib module (co-maintainer, documentation, have dropped project for lack of community interest)

Michael Pirog

The peerless Mike Pirog embodies the very essence of Gotham City Drupal's mission: he is driven by excellence, never stops learning new skills, and is a drop-dead amazing coder. Active for years in the DC political/NPO scene, he is moving to San Francisco as we speak, there to explore new frontiers and get closer to the bleeding edge of coding activity. Mike is a rising star, a deep thinker, creative and resourceful. He knows how to solve problems and he knows how to think outside the box. His and GitHub usernames are pirog and pirog, respectively. Mike is one to watch - you can expect to see groundbreaking work from him in the coming years.

Sites for which Mike was lead developer or a major contributor include: (with Kelly Bell)

Mike has also produced the pirobase theme (which is a derivative of the Clean Theme) for Drupal 6. He is looking for someone to help him port the theme to D7. You can both see a subtheme of pirobase and download the theme from:

Tim Wooten

Texan Tim Wooten is a veteran Drupalist, and is a great guy, to boot. You can see a full overview of his accomplishments at His username is twooten, and CertifiedtoRock: He contributed to the following Projects on

Visitor Info  (10 commits)

Masked Input  (1 commit)

Web sites on which Tim has contributed include (but are not limited to):